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Welcome to ARRO:

Research Office

          We’re a creative think tank housed within LAM production.

ARRO was formed in 2018 to develop concepts for creative and commercial projects that have a multilingual outreach across Russian and English speaking communities.

Featured Work          

Motorica x Beeline – Keep Moving

         Winner for the GSMA's Global Mobile Awards 2019 (Best Mobile Innovation for Accessibility & Inclusion). 3 GLOMOs 2019 nominations.

A film that explores Beeline and Motorica’s collaborative efforts to change the way the society views disability and their vision of a future where prosthetics provide an evolution for humanity.

Featuring: Dmitry Koshechkin, Ilya Chekh and George Held.

Strelka KB – To Bring Gardens Back

Commissioned by Strelka KB, this film analyses the history and redevelopment of the Moscow’s Garden Ring, one of the biggest urban renewal projects in the world. We speak to the architects and planners at Strelka regarding their involvement and explore their desire to create a paradigm shift in the way Muscovites interact with their environment.

Currently working on          

Building Moscow

Celebrating a century since the founding of the visionary avant-garde school VKhUTEMAS, this two part documentary charts the diverse evolution in Moscow’s architecture since the October Revolution. Interviews include residents of Moscow’s most celebrated buildings and world renowned architects.

ARRO: Anglo-Russian Research Office
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